Dimenxian Algebra Single Player

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A bio-digital virus has been released on a remote island and threatens to infect the world’s eco-system and destroy mankind. Join forces in a race to disengage the virus and restore the island to its natural environment.

Mission 1: Wayfinder (Coordinate Systems, Graphing) - Locate four weather stations and perform a graphical analysis of weather station data to disengage the virus.
Mission 2: Mutant Tag (Investigating Linear Relationships) - Track down and capture biosynthetic creatures to analyze for data. Stun them, then measure and upload the data to the mainframe computer
Mission 3: Pipeline Cavern (Data Analysis, Identify Linear Relationships) - A pipeline within a cavern breaks, spewing important data. Jet around the cavern to recover the data then analyze and interpret the data on a graph before the sector is shut down.
Mission 4: Plasma Generators (Application of Linear Relationships) - Earth tremors have disabled the plasma systems that power the transformers scattering fuel cells about the island. Search for cells that contain ordered pairs that fit a given line then deliver to the transformers and plot the data.